Hockey Analyzer is proud to present your 2010-2011 NHL Goaltender Rankings. The players are ranked and measured using a statistical formula; they have not been compiled randomly by our staff. Without giving our formula away we’ll say this; we factor in the major goaltender statistics against the relative “workload” of the player.

    -Hockey Analyzer

The Goalie Rankings


NHL Goalie Rankings


9 Responses to Goalies

  1. Johan Smithsonov says:

    Uhh yeah your list is shit.. Brodeur is a top 10 goalie without question. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    • Brodeur had an abysmal first half of the season. He was a big part of why the Devils struggled early on. The second half he was dominant again, but playing well for half the season does not land you in the top 10; in fact he wasn’t even in the top 30.

  2. Jonathan Ryan says:

    So by your rankings, Ryan Miller is the worst goaltender in the Northeast Division? Thanks for clearing that up…

    • During the 2010-2011 season, yes. Thomas won the Vezina trophy and it was Price and Reimer’s first time in the top 10. The past five years it’s been a different story with really only Thomas giving Miller a run for his money.

  3. Jonathan Ryan says:

    My ass that Anderson and Reimer are better than Miller. Maybe you “analyze” a different sport.

  4. adam says:

    miikka kiprusoff is 29th?!?! are you joking? theres at least 10 idiots on there that shouldnt be ahead of the kipper. kip is top 5 at least you meathead. Just for this stupid post im never coming back to your website.

  5. Alexander Monaghan says:

    “The second half he was dominant again, but playing well for half the season does not land you in the top 10”

    Craig Anderson Pre-ASG : 13-12-2 | 3.12 GAA | .903 SV%
    Craig Anderson Post-ASG : 11-8-1 | 2.44 GAA | .926 SV%

    “Brodeur had an abysmal first half of the season.”

    Martin Brodeur Pre-ASG: 10-19-2 | 2.84 GAA | .895 SV%
    Martin Brodeur Post-ASG: 13-7-1 | 1.84 GAA | .919 SV%

    • The difference between .895/.903 and .919/.926 is actually pretty significant in the NHL. Brodeur played “well” to end the season, but Anderson was dominant. Also, consider that the Devils were still playing a pretty good defensive system for most of last season. In fact, they allowed the fewest shots per game of any NHL team. Colorado and Ottawa on the other hand were bottom ten in the NHL in that category. It’s also no coincidence that Hedberg had a 15-2-2 record and .912 save percentage, which are clearly better than Brodeur’s numbers. There just isn’t any way around it; Martin Brodeur was not very good last season. Can he rebound? Maybe, he was still a pretty goaltender the year before.

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